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A Team You Can Count On

Another source of pride is our employees. It’s a subject that many others, unfortunately, don’t talk about. We have wonderful women and men working for us who are upstanding members of their communities. Prior to joining our team, they undergo a thorough criminal background and drug screening. There is a multiple interview  process to ensure that each member of the team will positively contribute to the established culture. We also train every individual to ensure they understand proper cleaning techniques, equipment, and solutions. To add another level of protection for our customers, our cleaning teams are bonded and insured which means that you don’t have to worry if there’s an accident. We hope this gives our potential customers peace of mind and is yet another reason to trust Nicks Cleaning & Management Service with your home cleaning.

Top 5 Reasons People Choose Nicks Cleaning & Management Services:

  • We are reliable and consistent
  • We look out for your health with green cleaning
  • We take pride in customer service
  • We screen, trains and certifies our cleaners

Every day we sign up new customers who want to do more to protect their health and understand that green maid service is a practical, affordable way to reduce the amount of harmful toxins in their home.

To learn more about how to get started with Saint Nicks Management Services  like how much a cleaning cost or questions about a scheduled cleaning, checkout our online resources. To schedule a cleaning today please call us at 818-206-0284 or email info@NICKSCLEAN.COM

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